90 min connection

Working with **Megan**, her team and the Collective is a sacred practice - one that Megan takes extreme pride in. Megan is a volunteer to support humanity to raise their consciousness and elevate their being. Supporting Souls to awaken and remember who they are by accessing their unique 3dSelf & SoulSelf aspects within their journey. Discovering their full potential as multidimensional beings, unlocking dormant timelines, DNA, gift, and abilities, and co-creating a life to advanced consciousness. This 90 min 1:1 session is to unlock the potential whilst co-creating magic that lives inside you. Megan has many abilities to access parts of this dimension, timelines, portals, and the multiverse to support you in a unique way for your soul's evolution. Working with such energies as Mother Gaia, The Light Compendium, Arcturians, Sirians, Pleiadians, The Wisdom Ship, Inda - Energy Source, Dragons, Mermaids, Fairies, Sacred Geometry, Mother Mary, Metron, Michael, Gabrial, Jesus, Planetary/ Stellar & Interstellar Consciousness, Council of Light, The Meridian, and Aporia (The New Atlantis) to name a few! *Note being in a loud area, in public, on a train, in a moving car, and with 'others' around you will deflect from your own healing, growth, and amplification. Take this time for yourself and be alone and not disturbed. *plz be on time - this is a 90 mins connection, however, allow 2 hours within your schedule, and PLEASE do not run back into "Life" - allow the integration process to occur! I cannot wait to support your AMAZING SOUL, Higher Self, and Vessel! THANK YOU for choosing me to co-create with. Love Megan xx